Sunday, November 16, 2014

Scenes From A Week: November 16

What a solid week and, especially, the weekend.  On Saturday we spent time working around the house and yard - Scott spent three hours outside on our roof and in the yard, winterizing.  I spent some time inside cleaning and organizing.  We ended the day at a movie theater, checking out the new Matthew McConaughy (Intersteller) which I liked a ton.  (Way less Sci-Fi than I expected).

On Sunday we got up early, and did some holiday shopping before the Bears WIN (thank you Cutler).  We ended the afternoon with our first trip to our town's library and came home with two books each - my commute will be much easier this week because of it :)

This week promises to be a busy one in preparation for a busy weekend.. the holidays are upon us!

new obsession.

not pleased, mother nature.

they were filming the new superman movie in my building!

king of his castle

our bedroom decor is nearly complete

this song was in heavy rotation this week
(shout out to matt for the recco)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Baby Special: 20 Weeks

Weeks:  20.  Yesterday marked the official halfway point in my pregnancy, and I feel such relief at reaching it.  Maybe it’s because my insides don’t really match my outsides (I feel pregnant but don’t really look it yet) that being 20 weeks feels like a real marker.  I’m so happy to be half way.. and especially because that means there is less than half way left until we meet our son or daughter!

Baby's Size:  Baby Special is the length of a banana, and weighs about 10.5 ounces!  This also marks the point in pregnancy where they start measuring head-to-toe (instead of “crown to rump”) which feels like such a milestone in this pregnancy.  This week, baby is practicing swallowing in utero (everything sounds so “mad scientist” but is so incredible really.  Our bodies are works of art).  

Trimester: Second! 

Cravings: None!  My carb-y tendencies are winding down – thankfully.  In the first twenty weeks of pregnancy, it was a real struggle to get 70 grams of protein every day, and drink 150+ ounces of water.  It’s gotten easier and easier over the past few weeks, as my nausea has almost completely disappeared.  I gave up caffeine nearly completely (an occasional glass of tea).  I’m trying to feed my baby as conscientiously as possible, and importantly – try to stay ahead of being hungry.  I think that may be helping my cravings (although ask me again in a few weeks and I may say something completely different :).

How I'm Feeling: I feel wonderful.  My baby is growing (which means that my belly is too) and I’m feeling strong and capable.  I am more emotional than ever (and that’s coming from a girl who routinely cries during.. everything).  But overall I’m feeling very, very good, and there isn’t a day that I don’t say a prayer of silent gratitude.  I have friends who’s pregnancy experiences were much harder than mine has been, and I feel fortunate to have had it so easy.

Movement: None yet.  On Wednesday night (19w 6d) I pulled out my Fetal Doppler Monitor (purchased on Amazon a few months ago).  I had never been able to make it work very well, and had tucked it away for fear of freaking myself out.  Last night I was organizing (nesting, what?!) and came across it.  I decided to give it another try and… BAM.  Found the heartbeat in nothing flat.  Maybe it’s because the baby is bigger and taking up more real estate now?  It was a joyful sound.  Scott came in to listen to it, and then I called my mom on speaker so she could hear it too.  Baby is so cherished already – it’s wonderful.

My thoughts:  I continue to feel excited, joyful and just… in awe.  I feel so lucky that my body has been able to do this –has been able to handle pregnancy so beautifully so far (knock on wood).  I was certainly sick in the beginning – quite sick, I admit – but it wasn’t debilitating and didn’t require any medication.  The past two months or so have been really wonderful.  As baby is growing,  I’m slowly transitioning to maternity clothes (probably 10% maternity, 90% regular at this point) and while I’m still able to wear many of my regular clothes, my body is changing.  I got my first unsolicited belly rub this week (from a dear friend) and it was great… although I suspect I’d be less receptive if it had been someone else:)  I cannot believe that I’m at the pregnancy half way point!  It feels like a milestone that I’ve been climbing towards.
That’s really it.  I’ve just been happy.  Little things seem to matter less, big things matter more. I’ve really been savoring this season in my pregnancy.  The first 20 weeks were very good to me, and I can’t wait to see what the next 20 have in store. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Scenes From A Week: November 9

Another late post, but I'm playing catch up because I really don't want to fall behind.  Again.  Ha!

It was another great week, filled with projects around the house, a Friday off work, and a Saturday baby shower that I hosted for a good college friend.  Looking forward to a quieter weekend coming up, but the busy ones are fun too.

my painter expert mom helped us transform the TV cabinet
from wood to white

homemade kale chips #chefspecial

progress on our nursery (this dresser was mine!)

part of the baby shower spread i put together last saturday

jill, the mama-to-be

"it's a girl" cupcakes

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Scenes From A Week: November 2

A delayed post, but better late then never, right? :)

The week was a good one -my parents were in town for one final "hurrah" on the house before the holidays (holidaze).  Per Scott and my request, my mom painted two really key pieces of furniture for us - our TV cabinet/entertainment system and my old highboy dresser.  It was a dresser that I have used for thirty years (!!) which we were now hoping to re-purpose for our baby.  We painted both a bright white, using gel paint rather than traditional paint, which led to some beautiful results.  They are super glossy and look luxurious and more expensive then they really were :)

Although nearly a week late on this post, I hope you had a wonderful week!

18 weeks and feeling damn good.

new bar stools in our kitchen
the mamaroo is in the nursery!  i'm borrowing this one
from a dear cousin and having it in the nursery is so wonderful
(this week after feeling a bit sick, i went and laid on the bed in the
nursery and smiled as i looked at the mamaroo and the highboy
already in the proper room.  it was a sweet, sweet reminder
through the sickness).  
scott working on our mudroom

my dad and scott, working on our master bathroom

it's official, i'm a grown-up.  (my homemade banana bread).

my mom painted nearly our ENTIRE house.  

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Baby Special: 19 Weeks

Weeks: 19!  Time is flying.

Official Due Date: 4/3/15 – which is less than five months away!  

Baby's Size:  Baby Special is six inches long and weighs a half pound (cutest half pound ever).   It’s the size of a large mango! 

Trimester: Second! 

Gender Guesses: Still thinking blue… This weekend, I worked on the list of products I plan to purchase (or register for) for the baby.  I've selected Target (only) because I only want to do one spot, and they have the most comprehensive list of things I would like - and are easily accessible both in stores and online. If there are things I want from other stores (the crib, for example) then I'll hunt those down and buy them! :)  Anyway, all this to say - my choices are definitely skewing to the boy side.  Some of it might be because I tend to prefer blue/grey versus pink/white in my home, but it was kind of funny to see.  Many of the items that I have earmarked are technically "baby boy" (although they would certainly work if Baby Special was a girl).  
Cravings: None!  
How I'm Feeling: Feeling great and hoping that sticks around.  Probably hungrier than usual (half pound baby?!) but nothing too noticeable.  I did get sick once this week, but it was short lived and I felt fine quickly thereafter.  

Movement: None yet but eagerly awaiting!  My friend Sam didn't feel her son until she was 23 weeks, so I'm trying to be patient ;)  I think so much depends on the location of the placenta, 

My thoughts:  We had a big “push” on the house last weekend with my parents.  Scott, my dad and my mom were just… INSANE.  I cannot wrap my head around how much was completed (with very little help from me).  My parents have given us so many of their weekends (and weeks!) over the summer and fall, and our house has taken such a beautiful shape.  As I told Scott on Sunday night – I just love living there.   This week has been a fun one, with Scott completing little projects here-and-there nearly every night.  I’ve heard that many pregnant women go through “nesting”… well, this is like nesting on crack :)

Friday, October 31, 2014

Baby Special: 18 Weeks

Weeks: 18 yesterday!  Wahoo!

Official Due Date: Unchanged - April 3, 2015 

Baby's Size:  Baby Special is 5.5 inches long (from head to bottom) and weighs seven ounces now – about as much as a bell pepper (and gained ½ inch and 2 ounces in the past week)!  

Trimester: Solidly in the second trimester!  

Gender Guesses: Back to thinking blue… I think?  How am I going to wait another 5 months to find out? :)

Names:  Lately I’ve felt pretty drawn to one specific girls name (that Scott likes too) so we’ll see if that sticks.  Who knows!

Cravings: None to speak of.  We were cooking-machines this weekend –between Scott and me we made about 8 different dishes (homemade chili for the win).  I have a few others in mind to make this weekend (a crock-pot dish while my parents are here helping us work, banana bread, a feta-popover appetizer).  I am really getting in to this “cooking” thing :)  (Only took to age 30…)
How I'm Feeling: This week was a little strange, to be honest.  I was sick both days last weekend, and before that I hadn’t been for several weeks.  I’m hoping I just went too long before eating?  I’ve made an effort this week to eat breakfast quickly upon waking up, and that has been working so far.  Hoping the good feelings continue as we power-through another big work-weekend on the house!     My energy levels remain up, which makes me feel SO much better.  I’d gotten in to a habit of an evening, post-work nap, and I’m trying to shake that.  (Better to go to bed earlier, I think). 

Movement: None yet – c’mon baby!  I thought I felt something on Tuesday night, but it’s so hard to know if I’m feeling baby… or feeling my dinner digest.  (Sorry, but true). 

My thoughts:  It’s been a big few weeks for progress on the house – closet doors are painted and hung.  The remainder of the baseboard has been installed.  We ordered, and received, and LOVE our new bar stools for our granite peninsula.   My next focus is on a new kitchen table – the one we have has been great for me for the past 5+ years.  I ordered it when I first moved in to my own apartment downtown, and it really fit the bill.  It’s a black wood “pub-table” (so it’s taller than the standard height for normal tables).  It’s square and seats 4.   I bought it when I was 24 – and I thought it was so grown-up and stylish… still do, actually.  It’s gotten a lot of use through two (now three) different residences, and it’s just a little beat up.  Now that we’re moving in to a new phase of life, we’re looking for something a little more in tune with our new life – regular height, seats 6-8, and probably glass/metal so it better matches the rest of our home.    The pub table will most likely go in our basement somewhere, so it’ll still have a home ;) 

This week has also brought a little bit more obvious baby belly – which I’m loving.  I had my hair cut last week and the lady was like “wait, you are pregnant? Huh!”  I’m eager to become a little more obviously pregnant.   I’ve started using some fancy Burt’s Bees belly cream (“Mama Bee”) that my sweet sis-in-law Kelly gave me a few weeks ago – and I’m loving it.     That’s really it!  I’m rounding the corner on the half way point, and I’m pleased to have had such a healthy, happy pregnancy thus far (knock on wood).  :)   I feel healthy and lucky and so excited for the next 22 weeks… and beyond.  Baby, you are LOVED.  

Monday, October 27, 2014

Baby Special: 17 Weeks

Weeks: 17 (and 4 days.  I'm going to start posting these recaps on Thursday to correspond with the new week)!    Weeks 4-10 crawled sooo slowwwllly.  I was bursting with excitement over the baby news, but was so careful to keep a lid on it.  The past month or two have really flown by though, and I’m so thrilled to be rapidly approaching the half way point.

Official Due Date: April 3, 2015 

Baby's Size:  Baby Special is 5 inches long (from head to bottom) and weighs five ounces now – about as much as a turnip!  

Trimester: Second  (Which I’ve heard affectionately referred to as “The Honeymoon Period”.  I can definitely relate, as the past five weeks have been some of the best in my entire life.  I feel wonderful physically – not (very) sick, not uncomfortable, just strong and healthy!  Emotionally, I feel… it’s kind of indescribable.  I feel so lucky that my body is able to do this – to be pregnant.  I am so unbelievably grateful, and acutely aware of the women out there who wish for this).

Gender Guesses: I thought it was a boy for the first 12-14 weeks of the pregnancy – I was so sick!  Sweet averse!  - but lately I’m leaning toward girl.  We COULD find out in a few weeks, but we’re still holding strong to wait until the baby is born for that magical moment.  (I’m sure it’s magical no matter when you find out!) 

Names:  We’re pretty set on our boys name, but if it’s a girl we’re really undecided.  I gravitate toward fairly traditional names, and I’m really in to family names or names with meaning.  In other words, we have nothin'.  

Cravings: I have yet to experience a real craving (I think?!)  Throughout my pregnancy I’ve definitely gravitated toward salty (as opposed to sweet) and have required carbs to start my day – English Muffins, toast, bagels… I don’t discriminate. :)  I have not experienced any “OMG I MUST HAVE THIS RIGHT NOW” though (yet?) and that’s alright with me.  In fact, I'd prefer to avoid them :)

How I'm Feeling: I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m feeling awesome!  I was very sick in the beginning – throwing up almost every day!  - but I turned a corner around week 12, and I've felt pretty great since then.  I've certainly had a few moments of not feeling super great (and a few nausea episodes) but those have been few and far between for the past month.  We had an appointment a week ago for a check-up, and Scott got to hear the heartbeat for the first time… that was very special for me.  Baby’s heartbeat is powerful in more ways than one.

Movement: None yet, although at my OB appointment on Monday night the doctor said that in a few weeks, the feeling would be undeniable, and that I’d probably think to myself “oh, yes!  I've been feeling this for weeks and didn't know what it was!”  I’m incredibly excited for feeling the baby.  It’s pretty awe-inspiring to have a baby growing inside of you – and I’m looking forward to having my outside match my inside.  (I’m really not showing yet much at all – Scott and my mom can both see a Baby Bump, but no one else can really notice it yet.  I suspect that will change soon, but for now it’s a little strange!)

My thoughts:  I cannot wait to be a mom… and find out if we have a son or daughter!   Scott is going to be the most wonderful father and I cannot wait to see him with our child. We just moved a few months ago, and our lives (and my parents lives!) have been consumed with working on our house.  Finding out that I was pregnant was the icing on the cake, and added a new burst of energy to our efforts.  From the first walk-through of our house, we knew which room would (hopefully!) be a nursery, and we've taken to calling it “the Baby Room”.  It’s currently acting as our guest room, but we've started making plans for transitioning it to our nursery.  We likely won’t start that until after the new year, but it’s been fun to dream and plan.  Scott and I have a pretty clear vision about what we’d like to do with the space, and it’s been fun to slowly do research and start selecting items.  (My parents have been hugely helpful in this as well – they found several key pieces for the room so far!)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Scenes From A Week: October 26

It's been months since I've done one of these, and I love them!  This week was a productive one - filled with a work dinner (that Scott got to join me on!), our 16 week doctors appointment, pumpkin carving with friends and hosting my two good girlfriends and their husbands and babies for the Bears (terrible) game.  I made several different dishes this weekend - chili in the Crock Pot, pumpkin spice muffins, a baked onion dip, and an artichoke dip - the last two were for the Bears game.  I am getting quite the repertoire of dishes and I couldn't be happier about it!

This week will bring work around the house, and working on the plans for the baby shower that I'm hosting in two weeks!

dinner at a Japanese grill

fall leaves + boots
so obsessed with this lampshade
the chef in the family
belly is starting! 
friends, holding each other's sweet babies! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Baby Special: 16 Weeks

I'm hoping to get back in to the blogging habit, to document this joyous time in my life, and have this archived for posterity!  So... let's do it.

When are you due? I’m due on April 3rd – Good Friday! – and I think that’s a wonderful time of year.  I’ve always been eager for Winter to end, and this year I think the anticipation will be especially high!

How are you feeling?  I’m feeling great… now!  J  I’m 16 weeks pregnant, which means that I’m past the point in pregnancy where most of the morning sickness symptoms show their face.  Luckily for me, I’m someone who seems to have gotten the “lucky” kind – the kind that ends right around the end of the first trimester.  Weeks 6-12 were especially difficult – I was sick a lot.  My morning sickness was certainly there first thing in the morning, to the point where I kept a packet of saltines on my bedside table, and would eat two of them before I stepped out of bed.  Interestingly, motion seemed to really heighten it (so my twice-daily train commutes were difficult at times).  The strangest thing was that baby made me especially sick at night after dinner… there were numerous times (especially during weeks 6-12) that I’d eat dinner only to get sick.  And then it’s like… what do you do? Do you eat another dinner cause ya just lost your whole dinner?  The act of brushing my teeth and flossing were also especially hated by Baby Special J  It got to the point that I would actually break the process up in to three parts – brush my teeth first, then wait a little bit.  Then floss just my top teeth, then wait a bit. And finally floss my bottom teeth.  It was kind of insane.   As sick as I was throughout my first trimester, I felt – and feel! – so incredibly fortunate to  be pregnant, that it was an easy price to pay.  (And in some way, being sick brought me comfort in the four weeks between my 4, 8, 12 and 16 week doctors appointments.

Any other pregnancy symptoms?  I’ve been really, really tired.  I haven’t been a night-owl since college, but I could probably go to bed every night at 8pm if I let myself (and sometimes I do J).  If Scott and I try to watch a show (Homeland’s back!) I undoubtedly fall asleep in five minutes flat.  I’m basically Newton’s law of motion – if I stay moving I’m ok, but when I stop… game over.   I’ve also had a really strong sense of smell – in very early pregnancy, my mom bought a cake to celebrate an occasion and I could smell the frosting on it a mile away.  It’s very strange (but I kinda like it). 

Have you felt the baby move/kick?  Not yet and I’m dying for it!  I’ve been told this happens to first time moms later than subsequent pregnancies (we don’t know what we’re feeling!) so I’ve been trying to pay closer attention to belly flutters… but it’s still so hard to differentiate between digestion, or nervous energy, or the baby.  Soon I hope!  I’ve read that it should happen soon – and I’m eagerly awaiting!

Are you showing?  I’m not really, yet.  My husband and mom can both detect a little baby bump, but I haven’t really “popped” yet.  I’m still  in non-maternity clothes for the most part – although I did buy a pair of maternity jeans, and a few tops recently J  My pre-pregnancy jeans still button, although with increasing difficulty.   A friend shared that she literally “popped” overnight – she could wear her jeans one day and the next she could not!  Apparently most first time mothers begin to show between 14-20 weeks, so I’m probably on the cusp.  Right now it just looks like I had a big lunch – not pregnant, but just a little rounder.  It probably doesn’t hurt that I’m a few pounds below where I began my pregnancy – a combination of being so sick, having zero sweet tooth and eating more intentionally has led to be dropping a few pounds.  Not intentionally, really, just kinda did. 

Are you finding out the baby’s gender? We are NOT! :)  I’ve always known that I wanted it to be a birth-day surprise, and fortunately my husband agreed to go along with it.  We (obviously) have no other children, and we don’t really need to know for planning reasons.  She or he is going to rock our world, and whether they do it wearing pink or blue is of little importance to us.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The year of the baby

I am overjoyed to share the news that Scott and I are having a baby.  I'm due April 3rd, which means I'm solidly in the second trimester, and I'm feeling great.   It is truly a dream coming true.