Sunday, November 22, 2015

Recipe: Brownies from scratch

Last week I participated in a baking event at the Ronald McDonald House (such a great place).  My office at work picked a few things to bake and got to work.  I worked with my friend Natalie on the world's best brownies.  We used this recipe from "Cookies and Kate" and they turned out so fantastically.  I'd never made brownies from scratch before, and it really wasn't too difficult - and the results were worth it.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

JSS: Eight Months

Happy eight months to my sweet Jacob! 

He is a happy, joyful little boy who loves people, smiling and jumping.  This month, he went from not crawling to crawling super fast in the span of five days - one day I picked him up from daycare and realized I could no longer deny it:  he is on the MOVE!  He crawls all over the house (so this month we also had/have to babyproof!)  His most favorite thing, though, remains jumping.  I swear, this boy would jump all day if we'd let him.  He is a non-discriminating jumper:  he will jump in the Jumperoo, but he's just as happy jumping with some adult assistance.  (If you're snuggling him, he will physically take your hands and put them under his armpits, LOL).  Jacob stands with help... which usually ends in him jumping.  (Have I mentioned he loves jumping? :))

Jacob takes two classes per week - a swimming lesson with Daddy and a Music and Movement (Mommy and Me) class with me.  He seems to like them both, and we will be signing him up for similar classes throughout the winter session.  

The other big news of the month - we have a tooth!  Jacob has the cutest smile, with one little tiny tooth on his lower gums.  Be still my heart.  

This month he had a few exciting new experiences - his first playground, his first "riding in the shopping cart at Target" experience and first time dressing up for Halloween. Big month.  Jacob's nicknames are Lil-J, J-Bear, and Jakey, but we still mostly call him Jacob.  

Jacob, you are a joy.  We love you more than words can say!  Happy eight months, little man.  

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

25) Take Jacob to a pumpkin patch

If you can't get your boy to the pumpkin patch... bring the pumpkin patch to your boy!

It was an exceptionally busy and fun fall, and instead of going to the patch, we bought a bunch of pumpkins and made our own little patch at home.  (Jacob just wanted to eat the pumpkin stems :)

Bringing the patch to our house meant that some of our favorite fall visitors could also enjoy a photo opp with our favorite pumpkin:

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

4) Take classes with Jacob

Jacob began swimming lessons!  He started lessons one day before he turned seven months, and he goes once per week to a pool near our home.  Scott takes him and they have some fun time splashing and learning how to swim.

The first day, Jacob was a little startled (and even cried for a moment) but I don't think it's because of the water - I think it's because it was so loud in the area and the water was kind of chilly.  The second class he was much more chill :)

Jacob and I also started a second class together last weekend - a Mommy and Me music and movement class - we dance around, sing songs and do some tumbling.  Jacob LOVES it - he loves the other kids, he loves the action... it was so fun to see.

Here's to a lifetime of learning and playing with our Jacob!

Monday, November 2, 2015

30) Dress Jacob up for Halloween

This year, we dressed our little love up as a LION!  (The Lion KING as my mom said).   Jacob didn't love the headpiece (who would!) but he tolerated it long enough for me to snap 57 photos.  I'm not even kidding - he was the cutest lion I've ever seen! :)

Scott's cousin had a Halloween party, and she has a baby girl who is about 18 months older than Jacob, and she was dressed up as a lamb.  They made a cute pair all dressed up:

Unrelated to our little lion or Halloween, but the foliage near our home has been spectacular this week.  We live near several large forest preserves, and the drives have been so beautiful as of late.  

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

JSS: Seven Months

Happy seven months to my sweet Jacob!  

Jacob gets more fun every single day.  He is the happiest boy - he wakes up practically singing, and only fusses if you delay his meals or if he is ready for a change of scenery.  He likes his "under the sea" playmat, his Air Force One plane from Uncle Joe and he continues to love to jump in the jumperoo.

Jacob has begun trying to new foods!  He has tried sweet potato, avocado, green beans, applesauce, bananas, carrots, oatmeal and pumpkin.  He LOVES to eat  play with food.   :)  

He started swimming lessons one day before his 7-month birthday.  His daddy takes him every Tuesday night to a pool where they splash and float and take a 30 minute lesson.  Jacob LOVES the water, but I also think he likes his 1:1 time with his dad.  

Jacob is a very active boy - he rocks on all fours, does "downward dog", and sits up like a pro.  He likes to snuggle when he's very tired or sleeping - and I actually think he takes his best naps snuggled next to his mama in our glider. 

Jacob, you are a joy!  We love you more than words can say.  Happy seven months!